Why Cheap Web Hosting Can Cost You Big Time

Of course, you want to save money. Everyone does. But when it comes to hosting for your website, being a cheapskate is a bad idea.

Your website is essential. It’s your potential customer’s first impression of your company.

That is why you need your site to be built well, load fast, and never be offline.

Here are 3 reasons why cheap web hosting can cost you big time:

1. Limited Features and Control

Most cheap web hosting companies make up for the lost revenue by forcing you to use their built-in software to build and manage your site. Unfortunately, this usually results in them upselling you on more features that you don’t need.

You may save in hosting costs, but you will have to pay them more your email or site builder that sucks.

For example, do you want backup? That’s another $3/month. What about an SSL Certificate? That’s pretty important these days for all sites; GoDaddy’s Managed SSL will cost you another $150/year. Want to add security? That will set you back another $192 per year.

It adds up fast.

2. Downtime or Server Issues

Cheap hosting companies put a lot of sites on the same server. As a result, you are sharing the same CPU, memory, and server space.

You have neighbors that you never see. But, unfortunately, what they do on their site affects yours, like installing or running applications which can cause your site to slow down or, worse, overload the server.

You are also more likely to encounter a DDoS(distributed denial of service) attack on shared hosting services. DDoS is typically accomplished by flooding the targeted server with excessive requests to overload systems resulting in downtime.


3. Bad Customer Service

Most cheap web hosting companies have a terrible reputation with customer service.

To offer such affordable hosting, they have to cut costs somewhere, and the best place to do that is staffing. Therefore, they will outsource to third parties with little knowledge of the company or understaff their help desk resulting in long wait times.

When your site goes down, the last thing you want to do is be stuck on the phone for hours trying to get it fixed.

These are just some of the reasons for not using a cheap web hosting company for your website.

It is also a big reason I offer a Hosting & Maintenance Plan for all my clients.

I have done the research and host all my sites with Siteground, a top-rated hosting company that is proven to be reliable, easy to work with, and built for WordPress.

With my Hosting & Maintenance Plan, I also take care of routine maintenance and upgrades for my clients to not have to worry about anything. So, if you would like to see how I can help take the stress out of hosting your website, let’s start a project today!

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